Smart Contract Audits

using Human & Artificial Intelligence

Your smart contract’s security will be tested by a group of independent specialists.

Let's work together to create a more secure and decentralised society.

Contracto considers all security measures in order to give investors better and more secure investing options.


We don’t rely only on smart contracts

Before concluding the audit, we employ a number of techniques.

Security Audits
Total control over the smart contract's security while presenting all of the safeguards.
Transparency between creators and holders is ensured via governance.
Advanced Research
Our team Investigates the project, whitepaper, team, and other transparency-related information.
All projects that pass all of our security checks will be awarded the badge.

A New Era of Auditing for Smart Contracts and Background Checks

Each project that our team evaluates will go through both audits. A project must pass both audits in order to be awarded the badge.

To deliver the finest audits, Contracto collaborates with independent auditors.

Our auditors are completely independent, and we have no influence over their work. Every project is passed through many hands by our staff to ensure that everything is thoroughly verified.

Our Partners

Our Roadmap

Contracto Fair Launch

Contracto was launched in October with a fair launch for everyone. To let everyone know what our aim is, we've teamed with a few different projects for marketing and other purposes.

Contracto Community Audits

Everyone cares about the security of smart contracts. In addition, project teams are just as important as smart contracts. We've incorporated our community in our own audits to make it easier to spot rugs and scams.

Contracto Scanner

We've started developing a fantastic scanner with a variety of unique features. We've looked through all of the scanners around and we know exactly what's missing. Furthermore, the $LOCK token is quite crucial.

The Future of Contracto

Contracto's fight against rugs and scammers is only beginning. We aim to make a big impact, and we're looking forward to a year filled with product surprises from our team.

You are welcome to request a Simple or Advanced audit from our staff.

Advanced audits take longer, and projects that pass them earn a Verified badge.