Smart Contract Audits

Conducting audits using third-party auditors.

Smart Contract Scanner

Real-time Smart Contract Scanner with a ton of capabilities.

Research Panel

Join the community that investigates DeFi projects

Artificial Intelligence-powered Rug Scanner

Our scanner tracks all of the most recent smart contracts deployed on the BSC blockchain.
This technology makes it simple to identify rugs and scams.

Rug Scanner

On-demand scanning of smart contracts.

Transaction Simulator

Avoid honeypots by simulating transactions.

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Liquidity Checker

Find out if a project’s liquidity has been locked.

Mini Audit

The scanner performs automated small audits.

Contracto Scanner works in
three simple phases.


Blockchain Tracking

Every smart contract that has been deployed is monitored in real time.


Smart Contract Scan

Contracto Scanner examines smart contracts for any flaws or security concerns.



Any user who visits Contracto Scanner will see the scanner's results.

Yami.Network Ecosystem

Contracto is part of a bigger picture
an ecosystem that brings projects and investors together.


Friendly Social Network for Crypto Investors


Smart Contract Audits using Human & Artificial Intelligence


A launchpad that brings audits and projects together in one location.

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A scanner with sniper features is a powerful tool for early investors.

The majority of Contracto users have access to newly deployed projects in real time, profit from the automated mini audit, and can invest directly through our own Decentralized Exchange.

  • Blockchain ↔ Contracto in Real Time
  • Each project receives a score from a mini audit.
  • Avoid Honeypots & Scams
Need an advanced audit? Contact Our Experts.
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Request Audit

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